Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Seoul Fun Itinerary

Just came back from the 8 days Korea trip.. Weather was getting colder when we reached there but we are more prepared this time round after the Europe trip.. This is the 1st trip which I did not plan that much & followed the guidebook like its a survivor guide.. I felt rather insecure but I like the surprise factor it brings to the trip.. 

There are some preparations beforehand cause being in a foreign country which most ppl doesnt understand your language can be challenging.. I read up some itinerary of fellow travellers on the net to have a rough guide of what are the must-do & must-visit places in Seoul.. 

Below are the brief itinerary of my 8 day adventure.. 

Day 1: SG to Seoul
Arrival in Seoul @ 330pm
Check into Eco-Guest
Walk around Myeongdong 
Dinner @ Hamhueng Naengmyeon Cold Noodles

Day 2: Seoul to Jeju
Board plane @ Gimpo Airport
Arrival @ Jeju

Check into HK Jeju 2 
Manjanggul Cave - 2000won

BBQ dinner @ restaurant near hostel

Day 3: Jeju
Hallasan - Up via Eorimok Trail
                - Down via Yeongsil Trail 
Cheonjeyeon Fall
Dinner @ Dongmun Night Market

Day 4: Jeju to Seoul
Board plane @ Jeju International Airport

Arrival in Gimpo Airport
Hotel Echae 2
Ewha University neighbourhood
Hongik University neighbourhood

Day 5: Seoul
Gyeongbokgung Palace - 3000won

Lunch @ Tosokchon
Bukchon Hanok Village
Dinner @ Myeongdong Gyoza
Check in Hotel Echae 3

Day 6: Seoul
Nami Island

Cheongyechong Stream
Dinner @ Gwangjang Market

Day 7: Seoul
Noryanjin Fish Market
Dragon Hill Spa

Dinner @ Tosokchon
Namsan Tower 


Day 8: Seoul
Board plane @ Incheon Airport
Home Sweet Home!!

This is not my initial itinerary but the actual one. Sunset really early in Korea so it limits the number of places you can go per day. We started every day around 9 plus in the morning and end around 10plus but still, we cannot went to all the places planned..

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